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Hello people. Im here to blog again. This week is seriously a busy week. Everyday when i have my lunch, it would be a quick bite and then playing phone time. If not i dun have much time to communicate with my lovely phone. So even though i very much wanted to write here, it was impossible cos my colleagues always managed to sit infront the computer before me! And they are all my seniors so it is not very good to say anything… 🙂 Nvm im blogging now arent I?????? 🙂

This week one of my new colleague started work, and i think my boss called her to leave the company on thursday! Til today she doesnt know the reason she was being asked to left. And she actually asked me to help her asked our boss… I dont think that would be a good thing right? She should ask the boss herself, i dun think im in any position to do that on her behalf. Anyway i think everything happens for a reason. And i do believe that God has his time for everything. Be it good or bad, it is already being arranged properly by Him. We can only wait for it to happen and try to make it as pleasant as possible. 🙂

Next week there will be two more colleagues who are new joining us~ Hope they will be working long term and not just for a few days and then left because cant stand the work flow or the customers. Anyway i heard from my seniors that one of the new girls will only be working for a few months as she is waiting for her results to get into university! 🙂

So as i was saying, i had a busy week. Learned new things everyday which made me so hardworking and gained much more knowledge and is able to answer the customers’ questions!! 😀 Feeling happy everyday and am much more happier when i saw that the salary is already being banked into my account!! 😀 Hooray, although it was a little too few cents!! But nevermind, thats what makes us wanna earn more money, right? Anyway who thinks that they earn too much? No one!! 😀

Next week I will be back to sitting the original place. Working will be the same, although everyday is filled full with laughter!! Which is a happy thing!! 😀 Tomorrow will have a gathering between the sisters and cousins! 😀 And all the small kids will hang around together and made havoc!! Lol!! Will definitely try to snapped some pictures of those few kidos playing together. It is not a normal sight to get all of them together into a snap shot!! 🙂 Looking forward to tomorrow already!! Although i look forward more to chilling there and looking at the kids run around the house of my cousin!! lol… 😛

Blog more soon. Goodbye! 😀



Hi everyone I am Mindy. A true blue Singapore girl. Have a strong believe in staying cheerful is the best way to deal with everything. Love Tweety bird, pink colour, photography & last but not least reading books!!! :)

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