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Amazing Month Ahead

Hello. Good day everyone. Heehee I knew i said yesterday on this blog that today i will be having a shopping outing with my dearest mommy. But at the last minute i decided against the idea.. Cos the weather in Singapore is killing us!! The sun is literally killing people with it’s shines!! 😦 The moment you stepped out of your house, you are already drench in sweat!! 😦

Today is the first day of a great month ahead!! 😀 I can already predict that fantastic and amazing things is gonna happened this month. For one example may be my boss will convert me to permanent position in the company at the end of this month?? 🙂 Cant wait!! Amazing things happen when you look out for it, and pray for it to happen. Some times it can happen with you not knowing it, but eventually you will be a happier person!! 😀 My colleagues added me on facebook, so happy that they have accepted me into their working life!! Therefore like the picture i choose to go with this blog entry, AMAZING THINGS WILL HAPPEN!!! Definitely!! It will happen and make us feel more positive towards the future! Amazing month, here I come with force charging towards you. Making a better life, better future and better me in the process of reaching you!! 😀

Cant wait to be able to meet Summertoast soon… After her examination.. She promised to bring me to some great location / restaurants to search for my favourite food… FRIES!!! Heehee im a fries addict!! I love potato!! Just hop over to her blog and realised that she has updated with pictures of A&W curly fries and rootbeer!!! *salivating* HMPF!! Why cant Singapore open a franchise of A&W, i will be the first customer in store and grabbed all their curly fries and rootbeer!! 😛

Currently am busying catching up with all my variety shows of the week and also listening to all the newest songs in the market… Playing all new release games on my iphone, updating my blog, chatting with my mommy! See! Woman can definitely multi-task!! 😀 Okay that will be all for now, will write more again soon!! 😀 Goodbye!! Hope everyone have a great weekend!! 😀



Hi everyone I am Mindy. A true blue Singapore girl. Have a strong believe in staying cheerful is the best way to deal with everything. Love Tweety bird, pink colour, photography & last but not least reading books!!! :)

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