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New Day Everyday

Hello again!! Im back to blog!! It is the second blog post this week. But well, who’s counting!! Heehee!! 😛 Today ended work a little bit later than usual, therefore causing me to be late to the meet up with my child hood friend. I apologised to her lots of time, heehee hope she doesnt mind waiting for me to end work, in the end i quiz her to guess my working place (since she was kinda curious about it as well)!! In the end after hinting her for some time she managed to get it right. But no prizes for her!! Hahahahaha 😀

After lunch with her, we went to a high building nearby to snapped a few shots, before feeling uncomfortable (both are tummies are working overtime)!! So we cut the meeting short and went home, lucky it is not a far journey, within walking distance!! So two happy girls went home separately!! And their days continue to be amazing… 🙂 My dear friend need to be at her project mate home tomorrow, hopefully her mate’s cat doesnt pee blood*, if not my friend cant get her project finished in time. 😛 *That was an excuse from her project mate actually~

Today working was going well, but then out of no where come another idiot and messed up the peaceful day. Another idiot that wanted to get things done in record time, but play a no show act! This idiot actually wanted our staff to help her to get what she wants, the problem starts here, because she doesnt even understand her own needs! And she bloody hell expected us to know her needs. Hello!! We are not professional in that area, so dont even expect too much from us. We are only human beings trying to make a living. But we owe no one a living!! Get that through your thick skull!! 🙂

I guess that will be working life for the week. Next week will be another interesting week. Cant wait for it to happen, and cant wait to enjoy every single second at work. 🙂 Tomorrow will be one day holiday to myself, which is also called by many people weekend!! Heehee, tomorrow is designated as shopping day of the week. Which can also stands for rewarding day. Since my mommy will shopped and sure to get something for me, that will depends on her mood regarding what the “prizes” will be!! 😀

The best thing and the easiest thing to do is, just ignore everyone’s opinion of you. Just believe in yourself! And believe that you can do it. And you will!! It is just as simple as that. But do take note in mind that one cant be too arrogant. The difference between arrogant and confidence is the attitude you use to face it…. Use the right attitude and you can conquer the world with ease!!

Hope everyone have a great weekend ahead of you!! 😀 Goodbye!! Will be back with another post soon enough!! Do check back regularly!! Goodbye!! 😀



Hi everyone I am Mindy. A true blue Singapore girl. Have a strong believe in staying cheerful is the best way to deal with everything. Love Tweety bird, pink colour, photography & last but not least reading books!!! :)

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