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Hello Readers

Hello everyone. I had a busy week, therefore explaining the blog dying soon… heehee, do continue to check back often and read my humble blog yea? Although mostly nowadays all my blog post is about work, work and more work.. heehee feeling so guilty while im typing this also… heeheehee 😛

Cos no choice mah, i started working and also so excited about everyday… therefore i am always willing to share with whoever is reading this blog my working life… so far everything is going smoothly, although this week i did make a few silly mistake, but its okay, cos i did learn from them, and also my colleagues are all very nice people, they forgive me… 🙂

Today a group of my colleagues actually is kind enough to invite me to have lunch with them. But im bad enough to reject three of my colleagues invitation to join them for lunch… Felt so guilty… heehee but i just thought that lunch time i would also like to spend some time by myself to emo mah!! 😛 But also luckily i didnt went with them, cos it started raining… LOL… and another reason why i didnt went along with them is because the weather is so hot like a dessert! So i rather buy back to my staff room and enjoy the air condition there and can use the desktop and update my BLOG!! 😀

How is everyone’s life? Getting on fine? Am sure that many of you have a life much more brilliant than mine!! Mine is just a simple yet rewarding and happy life!!! 😀 Not to mention a little bit boring as well lah!! Cos everyday also do the same thing. Wake up, breakfast, work, lunch, work, finishes work, home, dinner, sleep. New day, cycle starts again!! 😀 But the good thing is i did lead a healthy lifestyle, sleeping early everynight and waking up early every morning!! 😀

It has already been one month since i started working in my current company. The people here are all very nice and kind. Helpful as ever. And the clients are still all the same, some kind, some polite, some treat us like dirt, others treat us like not human. You do get what i mean right? Those who are good, are great. Those who sucks, sucked!! @.@

The only thing that changes is my opinion of this job. This job is fun and interesting, get to meet lots of people, be it good or bad (people). But at least i can say that everyday i hop to work happily, and finished working happily also. All the credits goes to my colleagues and boss. They make the working environment a favorable one. 😀

Cant wait to meet my childhood friend tomorrow. Anyway todays her birthday, so KERRI HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!! MAY YOU HAVE A EXCITING AND MEMORABLE BIRTHDAY!! 😀 Cant wait to see her tomorrow and share with her all the happenings of my working life…. 😛

Soon i can meet Summertoast also… cant wait to catch up with her… But she need to overcome the obsticle of her tests for the semester first!! Jia you summertoast! Toast the examination paper and you can ace the examination easily!! Toast the teacher if the need occurred!! 😀

Last but not least, hope everyone reading this post / blog have a happy day or weekend!! Stay happy forever, as it is the only way to survive life easily!! 🙂 Goodbye!! 😀



Hi everyone I am Mindy. A true blue Singapore girl. Have a strong believe in staying cheerful is the best way to deal with everything. Love Tweety bird, pink colour, photography & last but not least reading books!!! :)

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