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Yummy Weekend

Hi people, today im gonna blog about last weekend out with my family! A yummy day out with my sister! She paid for all the food!! Love her max!! All the food she introduced to us was all so mouth-watering… Remember to fill your stomach full of food before reading this blog entry or your tummy will be playing a music piece *drum roll* 😛

We had pork rib and lotus soup followed by ice barley drink, roast duck and stir fried tou fu… Then my sister also ordered sea cucumber with mushroom and steam fish, but i didnt managed to include the steam fish picture in here!! 😦

Mom had coffee, while my sister and I both had tangerine and pamelo drink… totally perfect combination of the tangerine with the pamelo drink, they even added tiny bits of tangerine for you to bite on while drinking the water!! The person who invented this drink is a genius!! LOL!!! 😛 But i really love this drink!! ❤

Pictures of the beauty of the day… My sister!! See she so beautiful!! Cute and pretty all combine into one person!! 🙂

And its dinner time!!! We went to a Hong Kong restaurant to have dinner. Mom decided that she should have hot milo, while my sister decided to have ice blend lychee, as for me, i decided to have the same as my sister, because my niece kept raving about that particular restaurant’s ice blend lychee!! In the end, it was worth it’s price! Really very juicy (lychee) and just the right amount of sweetness of the drink!! Mouth-watering… After that i didnt took anymore pictures, cause i was famished… Anyway we all ordered fish and chips!! YUMMY!! 😀

In conclusion I had an exhilarating day out with my sister!!! Love her alot!! 😀 Next post im gonna be writing about a book review (simple one) of a book written by Louise Bagshawe (my all time favourite author)….. The novel is called DESTINY!!! 😀 Look forward to the next post entry!! 😀

Byebye 🙂



Hi everyone I am Mindy. A true blue Singapore girl. Have a strong believe in staying cheerful is the best way to deal with everything. Love Tweety bird, pink colour, photography & last but not least reading books!!! :)

11 thoughts on “Yummy Weekend

  1. We try to make time for each other! We always meet out at least once per month! Bonding is important in the family! 🙂

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