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Awesome Sisterly Bond

Hello everyone! Im back to blogging for today!! 🙂 Today is a fantastic day! Managed to hang out with my sister for the day!!! And also finally received my letter of collection of certificate!!! 🙂 Happy day!!! 😀

Next i will be uploading two photos taken today! AND i have spend a few minutes editting them to my standard of perfection!!! 😀 Today taken lots of photos with my lovly love one!!! But the rest will be uploaded to facebook, then i will combine the photos together before uploading all of them here again some other time!! 😀

Rainbow effect!!! My sister thought that this photo looks amazing as well!! She too wanna learn how to do these type of effects on her photos but she is too lazy to learn. I think she rather spend the time on other more important things like example bonding with her sister (me!!!) or her daughter (miko) then spend a second learning how to apply the effects onto her photos!! 😉 

Today i finally knew that ORANGE is also one of her favourite color!!! 🙂 Same as me… but for me is yellow come first before orange!! But nonetheless all i like!!! Heeheee 😛 Yes yes yes im a greedy pig!!! Oink pink!!! 😛 See! I edit til the photo looks so freaking PRRRREFECT!!! 😀 We both have smooth and fair skin, that goes without saying!!! LOL!!! 😀

Well, thats all for today!! More the next time round!! 🙂



Hi everyone I am Mindy. A true blue Singapore girl. Have a strong believe in staying cheerful is the best way to deal with everything. Love Tweety bird, pink colour, photography & last but not least reading books!!! :)

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