Noisy Week

Hello everyone! Hope that everyone is having a fantastic weekend. Enjoy today and tomorrow. Before everyone need to return to your workplace / school and work towards a better future!!! 🙂

Currently the nosiy Miko is at my side singing tunelessly to some unknown songs. It is unknown song because the lyrics are created by her!!! @.@ DUH!!! She is always so noisy, so full of energy! I wonder how her mother ta han her!! LOL!!! 😛

Photos created and editted thousands of years ago!!! LOL!!! I now then saw the photos inside my photo album then i thought that while im writing this blog post, i may as well upload some old time sake photos here!!! 🙂

Another photo taken last year i think!!! Taken with my mom!!

Tomorrow i will need to test Miko spelling for both english and chinese again!!! Yes, im playing the role of her tuition teacher!!! Then tomorrow she will also need to do a few pages of maths assesment!!! 🙂

Well thats all for now. More to write about soon!!! :]

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!!! NIGHT!!! ^.^


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