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Valentine Dinner

Hello people! It has already been days since I last blogged!!! heehee *guilty smile* Anyway today I decided that I must blogged about my valentine dinner with you guys today! Had a special dinner this year with my lifetime lover! 🙂

Now looking back at these photos I still felt like eating them again right this minute!!! YUMMY!! 😀 Anyway as you can see from the picture, the starter includes soup of the day for two, fries (love love love this one) and you can choose between summer delight (mango) or strawberry delight drink!! 🙂

My main course would be heart shaped pizza!!! 🙂 So cute, if you look carefully there is also a strawberry (which represent love) at the centre of the pizza. My lifetime lover and I each had half of that strawberry!! 🙂 We had fun dividing the pizza… We thought it was really bad luck in cutting the pizza into exactly half. It felt like breaking our love. So we cut it into really cute tiny parts. But I didnt took photos of them since I am too busy eating… hahahahaha 😛

After polishing off the main course, my stomach is already filled mostly full of those yummy food you saw above. So when the desserts arrived, I was thinking should I give them up?! But of course being Mindy, I will never give up any food… LOL 😛 Anyway I am glad i didnt give them up. The chocolate muffin was seriously yummy, it is one of the highlight of the dinner!! 🙂 As for the vanilla ice cream I have totally no idea how it tastes, since I am not a fan of vanilla. My mom helped me to polished that off!!! 🙂

So that was my valentine dinner!! 🙂 A really full one!!! When I left the restaurant I thought my stomach was gonna explode!! 😀 Thats the consequences for eating so much food. Of course after finishing the food I felt so guilty!! So I persuaded my mom (the bad guy) to go exercise with me to shed off those imaginary extra pounds!!! Badminton is the fastest way for sheding extra pounds!! 🙂

Hope everyone will have a fantastic week ahead!! FIGHT away the extra kgs!!! 🙂



Hi everyone I am Mindy. A true blue Singapore girl. Have a strong believe in staying cheerful is the best way to deal with everything. Love Tweety bird, pink colour, photography & last but not least reading books!!! :)

4 thoughts on “Valentine Dinner

  1. You gonna be fat bad girl! And next time I see you I ask ” mel what’s you weight not”. You ” Aiyo don’t tell you, ok luh tell you I’m 60kg” HAHA!

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