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Hey peeps, i am here to share with you what i read on a book today. I find this pretty intriguing! Not to mention  that i felt truly amazing at what a man can do to a woman! Read on to find out what he did to retrace his relationship with a lady!! Truly facinating!!

So, here we goes~

One of the family members of this lady was sicked, and in a critical situation, the family sent a cable to this lady which was later signed by that gentleman, but after signing for the mail, he didn’t pass it on to the lady straightaway, he was afraid that it would spolied their weekend together. So he threw away the cable. When the lady found out this piece of news from her neighbour, their relationship went chaos!

He tried to deny it first, then when that proved impossible, to try to explained. She observed him in a mixture of disgust and rage, lying, prevaricating, jumping ahead of her in a series of the dizzying moves that she had come to know rather well. Lies about phoning London, about making sure Oliver (the sicked family) was all right, about wanting of tell her himself after she had had a night’s sleep. He kept the most dangerous and wicked deception, and he claims to love the lady. Saying the following….”Please, let me try and explain, it was only because i love you so much!” The lady replied “No! That’s not about love, i’m afraid you don’t know anything about love!!”


For weeks he bombarded her with telephone calls, flowers, waited outside for her in his car, sat for hours in reception at her workplace. And then the other, uglier assaults began, the suicide threats, the declarations that he was going to get in his boat and sailed away. That he was unable to work, and his bank on the verge of collapse, that he was having investigaions into a physical condition that might be fatal. AND it is all complete fabrications, designed by him to frighten her, to force her into submission.

Somehow she managed to hold firm but it was quite extraodinarily difficult and disturbing.

End of story. So what do you think of this man??? He deserved to be forgiven by this lady? Yes? No? Personally i think this lady rather did the right thing of breaking off the relationship with him. He doesn’t deserved this brilliant lady. Especially after what he did to her. All those lies, hurtful remarks and sink so low as to used threats on her. Just to make her return to his side. That’s so low of him. Loser!


Source from Something Dangerous written by Penny Vincenzi



Hi everyone I am Mindy. A true blue Singapore girl. Have a strong believe in staying cheerful is the best way to deal with everything. Love Tweety bird, pink colour, photography & last but not least reading books!!! :)

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