Fabulous Day!

Today i had a fabulous day out with my erjie!!! Had fun helping her with her work, manually and labour help!!! :O Had fun playing with Miko in her company heehee!!! Had fun having dinner with her, sharing gossips, current happenings, and working days!! Had a great heart to heart talk with her, felt so blessed to have her as my sister!!! ❤ Arhm, we had a yummy dinner, paid by her of course, heehee!!! ;P

Hmm then after dinner we shopped around the shopping centre, and i bought her a beautiful ring in black, i also reward myself a black rose ring, i like it very much!!! Had a happy day today, joyous day with my erjie!!!

Hey did i mention that erjie bought a really cute pair of slippers for Miko today? The slipper is sooo cute, because there are bananas on the strap of the slippers, and what’s more is that there are monkeys cartoon (which is really adorable) at the surface of the yellow slippers!!! Kawaii!!! 🙂

Well i guess that’s all,




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