let me introduce to you….

So! Let me introduce to you a cheap medicine, which is like kinda free of charge la…it’s name is called LAUGH!!!

Zhen suo wei xiao yi xiao, shi nian shao! Meaning one should laugh often, it would lead them to be younger! Laughing makes one young like a teenager!! ;P

Anyway, today was busy having fun, an adventure trip, truth be told…as for my partner for today it would remain as a secret! 😉 So! I went to collect my watches today! They are so gorgeous!!1 Beautiful little things!! Love them to bits and pieces!! 😉 ❤ Anyway, after that went shopping, bought kind of lots of stuffs today! Hmm, i bought a pair of jeans, a jacket, a singlet, let me see / think what’s more to add to the list….arh, i did bought another two watches!! Couldn’t resist them, cos they are just too pretty, and they kept waving to me and asking me to bring them home!! SO ya, brought them home, and they are now happily in my collection of watches!!! Waiting for me to bring them out 😛

Today i laugh a lot, cos i am just too happy! Who wouldn’t be happy when they get or managed to buy all they wants! I think i shopped to my heart’s content today!! 🙂 I think that will be all for today!




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